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Proposed Bill Would Repeal A Trucking Fee


Trucking companies could soon be looking at an open road without having to pay a tax along the way.

Springfield Representative Tim Butler has co-sponsored a bill that has now moved on to the Senate to repeal a trucking fee.

Currently, trucking companies have to pay a distribution fee in order to do business in the state.

If the bill passes through the Senate and is signed into law, Butler says it could be good for business.

"This was an initiative of the trucking associations and some businesses to really bring Illinois in line with our neighboring states when it comes to some of the trucking regulations that we have a way to make us more competitive with surrounding states,” Rep. Butler said. “Illinois has a great trucking industry, but they're mobile - they're very easy to go into other states."

The Senate is expected to take up the bill when they're back in session next week.

Source of article click here : FOX

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