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Strong winds park semi truck drivers in Green Bay


Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) - As damaging winds blew across various highways, it was semi trucks that took the punch.

Rows of trucks lined up at stops in Green Bay because of the wind.  Drivers say it's too dangerous to be out on the highway.

"You'll go in other lane sometimes, unintentionally of course, so you got to slow down so you don't put yourself in a bad situation," said a driver in from Colorado Springs.

Another wind advisory was put in place on the Leo Frigo bridge in Green Bay where the D.O.T. recommends drivers crossing the bridge to reduce speed to 45 miles per hour.

The winds have pushed over a few semis today including an empty cargo that landed on a guard rail on Highway 33 in Saukville, and a truck that flipped over on I-43 northbound near Manitowoc.

After driving past some of these accidents, these semi operators want to give a word of warning to drivers on the highway.

"Just be real cautious when your around semis because they get shoved around real easy, and there's a lot of wrecks out there because of that," said Jerry Branscum, a driver from Indiana.

Branscum says empty trailers are more at risk for tip overs compared to trucks carrying a heavier load.

Source of article click here :We are Green Bay

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