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Roadcheck blitz set for June 6-8

GREENBELT, MD – This year's Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) annual Roadcheck inspection blitz will be held June 6-8.

The 72-hour event will have inspectors from the U.S., Canada and Mexico conducting an increased number of inspections on commercial vehicles to “conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives.”

While the event and the particular focus of the inspectors hasn't been formally announced the by the CVSA, the dates have been published on its website. Last year, the inspections narrowed in on tires and level I inspections.

In last year's blitz, 62,796 inspections were performed with 21.5% of trucks inspected being put out of service by inspectors. In addition, 3.4% of drivers were put out of service – which equates to 9,080 trucks or 1,436 drivers. The CVSA says brakes and hours were the top out-of-service violations in 2016.

The CVSA provides a list of what inspectors will be looking for during their inspections on their website.

Source of article click here : Today's Trucking

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