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PennDOT puts the brakes on commercial trucks during winter storm

SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- It was slow going for drivers who decided to venture out on the roads Tuesday.

Governor Tom Wolf didn't declare a state of emergency, but PennDOT asked truck drivers to pull off the interstates as a precaution to help clear the way for crews plowing the state's major roadways.

Few people headed out on the roads during the day, but one thing drivers didn't see much of were tractor trailers.

PennDOT put the brakes on trucks with a travel restriction on major roadways throughout the state as a winter storm strikes Pennsylvania.

Truck driver Alfredo Dorville said "a lot of frozen ice on the road."

Truck driver Charles Prispin said "the worst part about today is that it doesn't look like it's slowing up, actually the winds are picking up."

"I saw how the conditions were getting and my dispatcher told me to pull out, because it was dangerous," Dorville said .

At the southern York County rest stop along northbound I-83, just past the Maryland border, several truckers heeded the warning signs and followed the travel restriction. Some didn’t, while others had no choice.

"We just saw a truck that was stuck over there for like half an hour, trying to get out. He couldn't get out. I told my co-driver lets stay in, it's a safe bet, and wait until they clean out everything good," Dorville said.

"We got to slow down, so you can't get the speed. What you think is a 2-hour or a normal hour-and-a-half run, your looking at two to three hours to delivery," Prispin said.

The storm didn't just stop truck drivers in their tracks, it also hit them where it counts the most.

"We get paid by the miles, so if our wheels aren't turnin', we're not earning,'" Prispin said.

"Right now, I'm sitting here waiting on a load, and I'm not making any money. They're not paying me to sit here," Prispin said.

Still, some truck drivers didn't seem to mind making an extra stop to take a break.

"I'm a safety first type of truck driver. If it's not feasible to be out there, why be out there," Dorville said.

"This is my second winter storm that I've gone through, so it's not fun. It's cold," Prispin said.

Source of article click here : FOX 43

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