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Police: Truck Driver Goes From Seattle to Western Mass. High on Drugs

Authorities are saying they're thankful a truck driver who had driven from Washington state to western Massachusetts while high on drugs didn't hurt anyone.

Police in Deerfield say officers responded to a Circle K on Greenfield Road Tuesday afternoon to a report of a despondent truck driver.

When they arrived, a police sergeant found the driver locked out of his truck, and after speaking with him, saw he was acting combative and was showing signs of drug use. The driver allegedly admitted to using crystal meth, LSD and cocaine as he drove from Seattle to another East Coast destination.

Police say it appears the driver, whose name wasn't released, didn't rest and only used drugs during the journey. He was taken to Baystate Franklin Medical Center because "He was clearly a danger to himself and others," a police spokesperson said. His truck was also impounded.

The driver is being charged with OUI drugs by Deerfield police, and will likely face additional charges by state police. It's unclear if he has an attorney or when he'll be arraigned.

Source of article click here : necn

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