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Prostitutes a problem for Charleston gas station and truck stop


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Charleston police say they have seen an increase in prostitution at a gas station and truck stop in the Kanawha City area of Charleston.

Lt. Cooper with Charleston Police says it's happening at the GoMart on MacCorkle Avenue.

"It's an area that attracts prostitutes because there's a large number of men who are traveling through and sleeping in their trucks. We get many complaints from truck drivers that these girls try to wake them up at night and are knocking on the windows," Cooper said.

Cooper says the prostitution problem is nothing new, but adds that law enforcement has seen a recent rise in the number of complaints from drivers who stop at the GoMart.

"Most of these girls are drug addicted and it is difficult to prevent them from engaging in this type of activity. All we can do is enforce the law when we catch them, make the business aware of what's going on, and get cooperation with them," Cooper said.

Cooper says police have been consistently addressing the problem by heavily patrolling the area and doing prostitution stings.

"With the heroin epidemic, things have gotten worse so we are trying to come up with some new and different strategies," Cooper said.

Jeffery Wright, who lives on Roosevelt Avenue down the street from the GoMart, says the criminal activity has expanded to his neighborhood.

"It has increased in the amount of crime," Wright said. "Burglaries, break-ins, breaking into vehicles."

Wright says his family has even considered moving because of the increased crime in his neighborhood.

Now, with the help of police and watchful drivers, Wright hopes his neighborhood will return to how it once was.

Cooper says GoMart is working with law enforcement to help tackle the problem.

Police say if you see any suspicious activity, you should report it.

Source of article click here : WSAZ3

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