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Trucking company left with clean up bill after fuel leak


A local trucking company is left footing the bill after Lincoln Fire and Rescue, the Health Department, and a contractor showed up to clean a diesel leak.

The leak, which was coming from a parked semi-truck, was eventually stopped, but for a while, fuel was leaking into a nearby creek.

The truck backed up and hit a curb, puncturing one of its fuel tanks.

After the leak was stopped, LFR worked with booms to contain the spreading of the fuel in the creek. Using a vacuum pump and cloths, crews were able to soak up the remaining fuel.

An absorbent was used to soak up the diesel fuel that had spilled into a nearby drain, and eventually the creek.

According to the health department, the environmental impact of the leak should be minimal partially thanks to the quick response from emergency crews.

The city says cleaning fuel from the storm drain is part of their storm water awareness program (SWAP), which educates people about the importance of not putting anything in storm drains.

Harry Heafer, environmental health specialist for Lincoln, said "
It's an education program for the public to educate the people not to dump things down the storm drain. Basically the mantra is only rain down the drain."

According to Heafer, anything that goes into storm drains across the city feeds directly into creeks and streams.

The EPA can fine the city 10 thousand dollars a day if the city is found not in compliance with national regulations, which is why the response to the diesel leak was aggressive and swift.

Source of article click here : 1011 now

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