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UPS expands dangerous goods shipping program

ATLANTA, GA – UPS has announced it has expanded its global Dangerous Goods (DG) shipping program to include 400 additional commodities that can be accepted in its global air network and 300 additional commodities across its European ground network. In addition, the company has also increased the permitted quantity of select dangerous goods accepted for shipment.

According to UPS, there is a growing demand in a variety of industries to move items classified as DG products. The company gave the example of healthcare companies who need to transport chemicals used in cleaning laboratory equipment as well industrial manufacturing companies who transport paint, compressed gases, adhesives and other DG products like batteries.

The company said it will now ship these items between 36 countries.

“UPS helps companies meet strict and often complex requirements when shipping dangerous goods,” said Teresa Finley, chief marketing officer of UPS. “Now we can meet our customers’ expanded needs for a one-stop solution to ship both conventional and dangerous goods.”

Using UPS Worldship, customers can verify if dangerous goods shipments meet requirements and can also notify UPS when the shipments are ready for processing.

Click here for more information on UPS’ handling process of DG products and the network of countries the company will ship DG products to.

Source of article click here : Today's Trucking

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