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Truck Driver 'Didn't Know' He Was Dragging a Car

To paraphrase an often-seen slogan on the rear of trailers, "If you can see my mirror, I should be able to see you."
To paraphrase an often-seen slogan on the rear of trailers, "If you can see my mirror, I should be able to see you." Images: Inside Edition

Picture yourself driving on a freeway, highway, city street, or any kind of roadway. You’re watching the traffic ahead, sure. You also scan right and left, checking the side-view mirrors as your mind follows your eyes. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, that’s the drill. See anything that you should react to?

The driver of this double-bottom rig, northbound on Interstate 15 in San Bernardino County, California, apparently saw nothing in the mirror just a couple feet from his face. He didn’t see a car that had gotten entangled on the second trailer's rear end and was being dragged along the pavement. The car’s rear tires were flat and were being ground down by friction from the unforgiving concrete.

The motorist, who had gotten himself into quite a pickle, was waving frantically.

Another motorist came upon the scene and, incredulous, began shooting video with his cell phone (Inside Edition, a news-entertainment TV show, played it one day last week). He said the truck continued on for four miles!

Later, we'll see that the front of the car seems to have been pulled under the trailer’s corner by the spinning left-rear tires, which had become an impromptu tow hook.

It appears the car has been pulled up under the trailer's corner by its spinning tires. Like many truck-car accidents, the car's driver seems to be at fault. But still....

Wouldn’t the truck driver feel the extra drag from behind, and hear the engine working harder to maintain speed? Sure, he was on an upgrade, heading for Cajon Pass, but still.

We can also see that the rig is composed of a couple of outside-frame flatbeds with sides, and is probably hauling freshly picked tomatoes or some other produce under its tarps, a familiar sight in California. The rig is clean and seems to be well-maintained, so you’d think its driver is also sharp. Yet he doesn’t stop.

Asked about the car jammed into his rear trailer, the trucker lamely explains, "I didn't know it."

This has been going on a while, and the car is not hidden behind the trailer, but is hanging off its left corner, in plain sight. The truck driver doesn’t see it? Good lord!

The camera guy pulls ahead and finally gets the trucker to pull over. He is surprised when told that he’s been dragging a car and lamely explains, “I didn’t know it.” Duh!

Might some remedial training by the driver's boss be in order here? Might “Mike,” the name on the door and presumably that of the driver, be encouraged to engage his brain when he's engaged top gear? We can hope so.

Source of article click here : Truckinginfo

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