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Interstate Closures Effect Truck Drivers’ Deliveries, Routes

Good morning from Lake 141. (Michael Calhoun/KMOX)
ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Motorist trying to get to work aren’t the only ones impacted by the interstate closures.

Thousands of truck drivers hauling everything from furniture to food, still have to get those goods delivered. Don Schafer with the Midwest Truckers Association says the biggest issue is finding alternate routes for drivers.

The typical truck gets six and a half to seven miles a gallon. With diesel fuel selling for $2.40 a gallon – you can imagine how much a 1,500 mile detour is going to cost.

Schafer says some big rig drivers could be deciding whether or not to delay their deliveries. He adds even finding an alternate route isn’t going to end when the water recedes. Interstate 44 may have to be repaired, which will add days to the inability to use the stretch.

“We’re going to have to find another detour that’s going to last, at least, more than a day or two,” Schafer says.

Source of article click here : CBS NEWS


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