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“Tolls Are Going to Fail” - RI Trucking’s Maxwell on State’s Strategy


RI Trucking Association President Chris Maxwell predicted that truck tolls, once implemented later this year, will fail -- because, in his opinion, of the track record of the Raimondo Administration.

"We feel that not many of the Governor's policies have been successful. The only reason Rhode Works has been deemed successful is because it hasn't been tried yet," Maxwell told GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle on GoLocal LIVE on Wednesday. "When they try, it's going to fail."

Maxwell spoke to both the logistics of the toll locations and the organization's legal strategy, which could include showing irreparable "harm" to truckers -- as well as which states Rhode Island should emulate. 
"We're going to beat this one way or another," said Maxwell. "Look at other states. California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee - they're all embracing trucking ind, embracing business."

Source of article click here : GO LOCAL

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