Unfortunately, tractor trailers are huge targets among thieves—especially when they're packed with expensive sneaker shipments. Memphis Police are now in search of suspects after $14,000 worth of sneakers went missing from a parked trailer

According to WREG Channel 3 News, the incident happened at CEVA Logistics, a local shipping facility. Police said that the locks on the parked trailer were cut and several shipments of Nikes were unloaded.

"In Memphis, they know what trailers got what in them," said Ned Hunter, a local truck driver. "If you know what’s in the trailer, then you should get on to where you got to go to, get out of Memphis."

Memphis, Tennessee is home to Nike's largest distribution centers, so savvy thieves are keen to targeting specific trucks. Hunter also added that truck drivers are encouraged to travel at least 100 to 200 miles before stopping when transporting valuables.

The company stated that the truck was left parked on the property because it needed a tire repair. The driver came back two days later to find the locks cut and the shipment missing.

In the last truck theft we reported, the driver himself made off with $19,000 worth of New Balances before getting caught. Not to point any fingers, but Memphis Police might want to start with the driver as a possible suspect.

If you have information that could help lead to an arrest, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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