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I-30 Roadcheck Targets Truckers in Saline County


SALINE COUNTY, Ark. - Over a 72-hour period this week, all commercial traffic headed east on Interstate 30 will be diverted outside Benton for random inspections.

It's an effort by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) to take as many unsafe trucks off the road as possible.

Hundreds of trucks will roll through as the AHTD rolls out its annual roadcheck.

"We're checking tires rims, lugnuts, brakes, brake chambers, you name it we're looking at it," says Maj. Jay Thompson with the Arkansas Highway Police.

The around-the-clock effort is underway to make sure commercial vehicles are fit for the road.

"We can't catch every truck, every violation, but we do our best," says Danny Straessle, AHTD Spokesman.

In 2016, the Arkansas Highway Police performed 637 inspections, putting the brakes on nearly a quarter of those trucks, for violations.

"If an infraction or violation is serious enough, we'll take that vehicle out of service right here on the inspection pad," Straessle adds.

In total, more than 18-hundred infractions were discovered along one of Arkansas' busiest trucking corridors.

"It's important that the drivers keep these trucks in top operating condition because you don't want them to break down. It's a safety issue," continues Straessle.

Inspectors will keep on trucking this week, to avoid a break down in safety on the state's highways and byways.

The AHTD doesn't expect the three-day roadcheck to create any serious traffic issues. Trucks that bypass the inspections will be cited.

Source of article click here : Arkansas Matters

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