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Pirelli Launches Pentathlon D Long Haul Drive Tire


Pirelli has launched Pentathlon D, its first tire in the Pentathlon product line dedicated to long haul drive applications in North America.

After a pilot phase of extensive testing, research and development, Pentathlon D is one of the latest tires to launch from TP Commercial Solutions, an entity of the Pirelli's industrial business unit that supplies commercial truck tires and fleet solutions globally.

Pentathlon D is designed for high mileage, fuel savings, and low emissions as a SmartWay verified tire with EcoImpact features.

“Pentathlon D provided excellent results in testing against the industry’s most important performance benchmarks of mileage and traction in all conditions,” said a spokesperson for TP Commercial Solutions, the company that markets and distributes Pirelli commercial tires in North America.

Features include a dual layer tread compound for longer life, an optimized pattern and 3SB belt for durability and even wear, a tread pattern that provides high grip in all weather conditions, and the company’s Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck that is designed for retreadability.

Source of article click here : Truckinginfo

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