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'It is going to be a nightmare': Truckers, business prepare for closure of I-59/20 bridges

Trucking companies fear driving time through Birmingham could double or even quadruple when the Alabama Department of Transportation closes the Interstate 59/20 bridges for demolition and replacement next fall.

"In our business, time is everything," said Buck Moore, president of Birmingham-based Buddy Moore Trucking. "We have 11 hours a day we can legally operate a truck. If it takes one or two hours to get through downtown Birmingham, that is money. "

As Birmingham's city center represents the largest concentration of jobs in Alabama, the closure of the bridges is expected to cause longer travel times for motorists and additional headaches for people driving in or near downtown over the next few years.

"It is going to be a nightmare for us," Moore said, adding he's afraid it could be virtually impossible for his truckers to drive west through downtown.

Buddy Moore Trucking currently has about 30 trucks traveling back and forth each day from their east Birmingham headquarters to customers such as U.S. Pipe in Bessemer, U.S. Steel in Fairfield and American Cast Iron Pipe in west Birmingham.

That won't be possible when the bridges close, Moore said.  Detours would require trucks to travel 30 miles out of the way or transverse congested city streets.

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