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Milesburg business owner faces more than 800 felony charges

A Milesburg business owner and his company have been charged with 816 felony counts of penalty failure to procure worker’s compensation.

The charges were filed Tuesday against Michael W. Robinson, 54, of Milesburg and his business Robinson Trucking, a freight shipping and trucking company.

Robinson, who operated the company and employed workers, was found in violation of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act of 1915 from June 20, 2012 to June 30, 2014. Robinson allegedly did not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage and was not exempted as a self-insurer.

An ex-employee’s injury on March 27, 2013, led to the charges, according to the affidavit. Court documents do not specify how the former employee was injured, what injuries he suffered or the severity of his injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Judge Robert Vonada ruled Jan. 31, 2014, that the man was injured while working for Robinson Trucking, which resolved a Uninsured Employer and Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund claim petition.

Source of article click here : Centre Daily Times

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