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What a hoot! Feathered stowaways travel from central Ore. in hay truck

These two young barn owls made a trip from central Oregon hidden in hay.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police are forever worried about suspects flying the coop, and when you’re dealing with two captured birds, that’s especially true.

An Oregon State Police trooper got a call over the weekend that he won’t soon forget.

A man unloading hay that he’d hauled from a barn in central Oregon noticed he had some stowaways: Two young barn owls flew out.

So Chris McLain rounded them up and called for help.

“And he came out, picked them out, took them to the Audubon Society, came back, we talked a little bit, and then he called later on and said, ‘I think you guys are going to be on the news,’ so that was kind of the way that went,” said McLain, who discovered the owls.

The juvenile barn owls are now in the care of the Portland Audubon Society.

Source of article click here : KOMO News

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