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Sticky situation after truck crashes and spills glue

The accident closes the Washington Street Bridge Tuesday night

One of three ­trailers on a big rig hauling the components for plywood glue turned onto its side ­Tuesday night on the Washington Street Bridge, making an epoxylike glue on the pavement and snarling traffic.

Capt. Ed Meyer of Eugene Springfield Fire said the crash happened shortly after 7:30 p.m., possibly because the truck could not stop as the ­vehicle approached the intersection with Seventh Avenue. The driver ­escaped from the cab, ­unhurt, authorities said.

The bridge was closed and traffic was diverted onto the Jefferson Street Bridge as crews from ­Region 2 Hazmat arrived to begin trying to ­contain the spill. Meyer said it did not appear that any of the spill was reaching the Willamette River.

The bridge was ­expected to remain closed overnight and possibly into the morning, Meyer said.

The truck had the ­company name Oak ­Harbor Freightlines on its trailers, and Meyer said that Oak Harbor would be billed for the ­estimated $50,000 cost of the cleanup.

No estimate was ­available Tuesday of how much glue had spilled.

Source of article click here : The Register-Guard

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