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Beaver Dam man guilty of federal drug charge

MADISON — The owner of a Beaver Dam trucking company faces at least five years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday in federal court to selling methamphetamine.

Michael Marks, 47, owner of Marks Family Trucking, was stopped by law enforcement on Nov. 17 en route to delivering 3 ounces of methamphetamine to a customer in Eau Claire, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chad Elgersma said.

Also according to Elgersma:

A week prior, Hope Kissinger, 34, of Eau Claire, had sold methamphetamine to an undercover officer. She told authorities that she got the methamphetamine from a source the day before. Kissinger also said she would be buying more methamphetamine from Marks on Nov. 17 in Black River Falls.

After police pulled Marks over, he confessed to getting methamphetamine from his cousin, William Marks, who obtained 12 ounces of the controlled substance in California for $9,000.

When asked to describe his crime, Marks told District Judge James Peterson, “I was on my way to Eau Claire, police stopped my truck, searched it and found the drugs.”

Marks’ plea agreement prevents him from contesting a sentence of less than five years in prison. He faces a mandatory minimum of five years and a statutory maximum of 40 years, a $5 million fine and lifetime supervised release at his Oct. 10 sentencing.

He also agreed to forfeit his 2009 Ford F250 pickup truck as it was used in the commission of a drug crime.

William Marks, 44, of Columbus, pleaded guilty to a methamphetamine charge on July 18, was found to have medical needs that could not be met while in jail, and was released until his Nov. 6 sentencing. He also faces a five-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Kissinger pleaded guilty on July 10 to a methamphetamine distribution charge. She was released on conditions and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison at her Sept. 18 sentencing.

Marks’ attorney, Anthony Cotton, sought Michael’s release arguing that he ran a successful trucking company that was worth $1 million until it began “splintering” due to Marks’ legal problems and his pending divorce.

The company now has a tax liability of about $1 million and Marks needs to be in Beaver Dam to assist his attorneys in sorting out the dissolution of his business, Cotton said.

Peterson declined to release Marks from jail, finding that an April 6 confrontation with an employee and numerous disorderly conduct arrests in recent years made him a danger to the community. Also, his heart and diabetes conditions could be monitored while in jail and his lawyers could see to the end of his business and marriage in his absence.

After court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Altman said the amount of methamphetamine that Marks trafficked remained under investigation and declined to reveal how many customers he had.

Source of article click here : Daily Citizen

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