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Schumer pushes for new truck safety measures after fatal 81 crash

PULASKI, N.Y. -- Sen. Charles Schumer is taking steps to make truck rigs safer after a deadly accident on Interstate 81 earlier this month.

Back on July 6th, two cars crashed into a milk tanker that had jackknifed on the highway in Pulaski.

Everyone in the cars died, including a doctor and three members of a North Country Ambulance company.

Schumer was at RB Lawrence Ambulance in Canton Friday to launch his new effort.

He says trucks should be equipped with energy-absorbing underride guards to protect drivers and passengers from crashes.

Schumer believes those guards could have prevented the cars from going under the tanker.

"I met with the families who lost their loved ones," Schumer said. "I said I'm going to push hard for guard rails on trucks. The NTSB has recommended there be guardrails, but we've done nothing, the DOT has done nothing, I'm going to push them.

The senator is also pushing for new research into front underride guard standards

Source of article click here : TWC NEWS

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