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New Sask. overpass meant for big vehicles is too narrow


Regina-area farmers and truck drivers are frustrated with a new overpass that was supposed to make crossing the Trans-Canada Highway easier, but has instead made it more difficult.

The Balgonie overpass has been open to the public for less than a week as part of the Regina Bypass Project, but has already faced criticism over the width of the lanes, which are too narrow for farm equipment.

Farmer Ryan Leibel was initially excited for the new overpass as trying to cross the highway has always been difficult with his heavy farm equipment. But he says the new overpass hasn’t solved the problem.

“I tried to take the maiden voyage across and try it out,” Leibel told CTV Regina. “I realized quickly it wasn’t quite wide enough.”

The overpass itself is wide enough for both farm equipment and trucks, but the access lanes are only 4.5 metres wide. Leibel’s tractor is nearly 5.5 metres wide.

Leibel came away from the overpass with scuff marks on his tractor tires from scraping the curbs on the road. Tire marks from other large vehicles can also be seen on curbs approaching the overpass.

Other motorists like Clint Walker, who uses the overpass, are frustrated with the miscalculation made for the access lanes and what it might mean for the just-opened overpass.

“I think it’s absolutely horrible,” said Walker. “A complete waste of money and will not work.”

Saskatchewan highway officials are expected to come out to the Balgonie overpass next week and to assess the situation and determine whether they will have to change the design.

Source of article click here : CTV NEWS

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