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Georgia truck driver arrested at weigh station

A Georgia man was arrested Monday afternoon by Kentucky State Police at a Hardin County weigh facility on Interstate 65 for possession of drugs while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Justin Haskins, 37, of Douglas, Georgia, was stopped for a random commercial safety inspection at the weigh station in a 2013 International semi. During the inspection, according to a news release, Haskins was “acting very strange (and) was nervous while speaking to authorities.” When the vehicle was searched, authorities said Haskins was attempting to conceal crystal methamphetamine and marijuana in the truck.

Haskins is charged with first offense, first-degree possession of a controlled substance — methamphetamine; possession of marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia; first offense driving under the influence of intoxicants and two federal safety regulations.

He is being held in lieu of a $5,000 cash bond in the Hardin County Detention Center. He is scheduled to appear Aug. 31 in Hardin District Court.

Source of article click here : The News-Enterprise

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