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Trucking companies order more big rigs

Trucking companies in August ordered 21,200 class 8 trucks, the rigs used for long-haul freight deliveries, continuing an upward sales trend that began earlier this year.

The orders this year have exceeded industry analyst expectations, according to ACT Research.

The sales are positive for the industry, which has suffered from weak demand because there have been more trucks in the market than freight available to haul.

Forecasts have shown signs that demand for freight delivery is beginning to grow, but the industry is now dealing with disruption caused by this summer's hurricanes.

Steve Tam, an analyst for ACT Research, said the effects of the storms will ripple through the industry well into next year.

"There is strong activity now, but get around to 2018, and the situation [might] change," Tam said.

Source of article click here : Arkansaonline

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