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Antigo trucking company puts drivers on alert after Weston truck driver attacked and robbed

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (WSAW) -- An Antigo trucking company is putting its drivers on alert after one of them was attacked and robbed at a rest stop in Kenosha County last week.

Pleasant Prairie police chief David Smetana tells NewsChannel 7 the driver was robbed at the Tourist Information Center along Highway 165 and Interstate 94 just before 6 a.m. on Thursday, September 7. Swetana says that area is often used by truck drivers as a rest stop.

Karl's Transport Dispatch Coordinator Jim Diedrick tells NewsChannel 7 the driver is 39-year-old Robert Lyon of Weston.

Chief Swetana says a witness called police about blood in a men's restroom restroom at the Tourist Information Center. When police arrived, they found Lyon in the parking lot dazed from the injuries he received during the robbery.

"He sustained serious head injuries, and injuries to his torso and chest, blunt force type trauma," Swetana said. "No other weapons other than hands or an impact weapon was suspected."

Swetana says surveillance video shows the suspect entered the bathroom before Lyon did. He says when Lyon walked in the bathroom, moments later the suspect walked out of the bathroom and left the rest stop. The suspect took Lyon's wallet.

Diedrick says he's reminding drivers at Karl's Transport to remain vigilant while on the job. He adds truck drivers can travel with another driver as an added measure of safety during their travels, and says truckers are also legally allowed to carry a concealed firearm in Wisconsin for their protection.

You're asked to call Pleasant Prairie Police if you have any information about the case at (262)-694-7353.

Source of article click here : WSAW

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