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Driver may be cited after truck carrying 47,000 pounds of chocolate overturns


A truck carrying pounds of sweetness overturned Tuesday morning in Albemarle County.

The truck was hauling 47,000 pounds of Hershey's chocolate bars when it ran off the side of the road at 6:50 a.m. The chocolate did manage to stay safely lodged inside the truck. The driver climbed out the window and was not hurt.

Albemarle County Police say the 21-year-old driver was headed to Fredericksburg, driving northbound on the 7500 block of Gordonsville Road, right where it intersects with Malin Ridge Farm Road, near Gordonsville, when the accident happened.

As the truck driver was coming down the hill, he approached a stopped vehicle trying to make a left hand turn. The truck driver claims the car had no brake or tail lights, so in order to avoid hitting the car, he swerved and ran off the road.

Police say the truck shouldn't have been on Gordonsville Road to begin with, according to enforced guidelines.

"There's three roads in Albemarle County that have length restrictions," said Randy Jamerson, Master Police Officer. "Route 151, Route 22, and Route 231. They're restricted to trucks over 65 foot, in total length, bumper to bumper. Most of these trucks are what we call overnight trucks, they should be on the interstate systems."

Jamerson said the chocolate truck was measured at 67 feet in a preliminary report and is over the 65 foot restriction, so the driver will likely be cited.

The road was briefly shut down and VDOT had detours in place, as crews worked to flip over and tow the truck.

Source of article click here : WHSV

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