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Leaked: Tesla electric truck image surfaces

An alleged image of the Tesla Semi due to be revealed later this month, has been leaked on Reddit.

The image was deleted shortly after being posted to the

Pretty futuristic bit of kit, even with the party hat off.

While details are murky, the photo is said to have been taken at a proving ground in California, near the automaker’s headquarters.

Interestingly the photo shows the aero kit, or party hat for us Aussies, off to the rear of the truck.

The official unveiling is set for October 26, so testing is highly plausible, although specifications are still unknown.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is range, particularly for the Australian market which demands a long range between charges based on the unique driving conditions.

A Reuters report from August suggested a range of between 320km and 480km for the Tesla Semi, a distance suited to US regional transport needs.

Cummins’ recent fully-electric concept prime mover, the ‘Urban Hauler Tractor’, offers a range of 160km on a single charge, which can be extended to 480km with additional battery packs.

Could the Tesla Semi’s range also be extendable with additional batteries? While it’s too early to say, the high range needs of the Australian transport industry will need to be addressed by the automaker.

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