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Truck recovered after gunpoint hijacking in Naperville: police

Hijacked car carrier in Naperville A car carrier truck loaded with five vehicles was left abandoned on North Aurora Road after being hijacked at gunpoint in Naperville Friday, Naperville police said. (Stacy St. Clair/Naperville Sun)

A car carrier truck loaded with five vehicles was hijacked at gunpoint Friday afternoon in Naperville, and then found abandoned a short time later, Naperville police said.

Cmdr. Lou Cammiso said the truck was taken about 1:30 p.m. Friday at the intersection of Ogden Avenue and Fort Hill Drive. It was found unoccupied on Route 59 just south of North Aurora Road, he said.

Detectives are "investigating the possibility that this was a civil dispute between the owner" of the truck and a man who was leasing it from him, Cammiso said. The leasee, who was driving the truck at the time of the incident, was not injured, Cammiso said.

An unknown number of other drivers and vehicles apparently figured in the incident. The truck was transporting five vehicles but Cammiso said the truck — and not the vehicles — was the target of the hijacking.


The truck was abandoned near the Delta Sonic Car Wash, at the southeast corner of North Aurora Road and Route 59.

Cammiso said investigators "are interviewing several people involved in the incident, and more details will be forthcoming."

"There is no threat to public safety as this was an isolated incident," he said.

Source of article click here : Chicago Tribune


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