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GDS Express of Akron, Ohio, Closes Abruptly

GDS Express truck

Akron, Ohio, carrier GDS Express was founded in 1990.


AKRON, Ohio — GDS Express Inc., which has 75 tractor-trailers, abruptly closed a week before Christmas, leaving several drivers out on the road without paychecks or credit for fuel.

GDS Express is out of business, according to a Dec. 17 company message. The Akron company had been operating for nearly three decades.

It’s unclear exactly how many employees are out of work, or if the last few drivers made it home. A U.S. Department of Transportation database lists the company with 75 drivers and 75 rigs.

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The phone number for GDS Express Inc. rang through to voicemail Dec. 22. An email message was not returned.

A spokesperson for the city of Akron said she was not aware of the business closure.

Company Recruiting Director Mike Cady reportedly sent the following message to drivers, who read the notice on communications equipment in their cabs:

“It is with HEAVY heart, fighting anger and tears that I send this message. Unfortunately, through mismanagement from ownership, GDS is closing our doors. I want to sincerely THANK each and everyone [sic] of you who have been part of our ‘family’. Over the years WE accomplished a lot! We are proud to be GDS, I bled Blue and Orange. ... Moving forward if anyone needs help of a reference, PLEASE contact me.”

Paychecks were supposed to be deposited in workers’ accounts Dec. 19. That didn’t happen, several employees reported to media. And fuel cards used by drivers were shut off.

GDS Express Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jack Delaney, a former vice president at Roadway Express. After retiring in 2010, his son, J.P. Delaney, formed GDS Express Group in 2014 with CEO Craig Stacy.

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