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USDOT Announces $900 Million for Freight, Highway Grants

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao


Transportation officials nationwide who are seeking a federal boost to help advance major freight or highway projects may find it in the form of a federal grant.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced this week that slightly more than $900 million has been made available for the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America, or INFRA, grants.

Applications for the grants will be accepted through Feb. 25. Entities interested in vying for a grant are asked to emphasize national and regional economic vitality, a strategy for attracting nonfederal sources of funding, innovative technology and accountability.

“The nation’s industry depends on the transportation network to move the goods that it produces, and facilitate the movements of the workers who are responsible for that production,” according to a Notice of Funding Opportunity the department unveiled Jan. 13. “When the nation’s highways, railways and ports function well, that infrastructure connects people to jobs, increases the efficiency of delivering goods and thereby cuts the costs of doing business, reduces the burden of commuting and improves overall well-being.”

The grants are designed to assist various aspects of an infrastructure project. Eligible projects include highway freight corridors on the National Highway Freight Network, highway or bridge projects on the National Highway System, projects that would increase capacity on the Interstate System and an intermodal or rail project. At least a quarter of the grants would be provided for rural projects, according to DOT.

“The department will invest more than $900 million in major projects that will improve transportation infrastructure, economic productivity and quality of life across our nation,” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao indicated.

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