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Think trucking in the ‘caves’ is crazy? Then check out this place drivers call the ‘mountain’

Tucked away west of Kansas City is one of the most unique cold storage facilities we’ve ever seen.

National Cold Storage is a major food distribution center located in Bonner Springs, Kansas. While many drivers refer to the facility as being in or under a “mountain”, the facility was actually carved from a limestone mine more than 50 years ago.

“The underground setting provides a number of operating cost efficiencies and other benefits which in turn results in savings for our customers. The energy costs are typically lower for an underground refrigerated warehouse because less refrigeration is required to reduce the room temperatures. The over ½ million square feet of freezer space is surrounded by over 10 feet of frozen rock that provides a safe sub-zero freezer space with a minimum of temperature fluctuations,” the company says.

Drivers who have visited the facility over the years have shared incredible photos and video on social media to document their experiences.

There are other prominent underground “caves”, including a location in Springfield, Missouri and the SubTropolis underground complex often referred to as the “caves” located in northeastern Kansas City, Missouri.

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