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Armored truck driving school puts veterans on the road to commercial license

A veteran-based driving school that specializes in armored trucks has started holding classes in Clarksville.

Armored Trucking Academy started its first four-week training class June 1 to teach students how to drive commercial trucks and to earn their license.

Institutional director Jerramie Medlen said they partnered with Austin Peay State University and have a subsequent relationship with Fort Campbell because they want those who transition out of the military to have options.

“We’re here to serve those who have served for us," Medlen said.

He said people are concerned about being on the road 24/7, as some have spent their entire military career away from home. But the company has options for those wanting to remain local. From Waste Management to Screaming Eagle Ready Mix, the academy has reached out to several companies to make ends meet for their students.

“We’ve reached out to 15 local employers that are ready and willing to hire veterans that get these licenses in order to keep them at home every night."

Training at Armored Trucking Academy is funded, through Campbell Strong, while post military and civilians will be funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The students only have to pay for their permit, physical and final test.

And there are no contracts with a specific company after receiving a license through the academy.

How it works

The four-week training program runs 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and will consist of eight students total. The trucking school does provide trucks and trailers for all students in the program.

Week one

The first week is in a classroom at Austin Peay. After some instruction and study, students will take a practice test for their commercial driver's license permit. At the end of the first week, the students will go to the DMV to receive their permits.

Week Two

The rest of the training will be hands-on and taught at the Armored Trucking Academy, 175 Terminal Road, with pre-trip instructions, driving and backing maneuvers.

Week Three

The students will be introduced to driving the trucks on the road — "initially just without a trailer so they can get comfortable with the truck," Medlen said. By day three, students are then expected to drive the trucks on the road with a trailer attached.

Week Four

The first few days are for one-on-one assessment and review to make sure the students are comfortable enough to take their test. The last two days the students will take their road test to receive their driver's license.

Medlen said he looks forward to bringing more job opportunities to the community and to "hear people see their success not because of us, but in lieu of us."

For more information go to, email or call 931-542-4323.

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