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Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority to join E-ZPass network

EZPass New York
Toll roads in Florida and Georgia will soon join the E-ZPass network, which currently operates in 18 states, including New York, shown here.

WILMINGTON, Del. — The E-ZPass Group announced July 6 that Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and the State Road and Tollway Authority of Georgia will join the E-ZPass network, bringing interoperability to motorists traveling along the east coast in the near future.

The E-ZPass network is the largest interoperable toll-collection programs in the U.S., consisting of toll agencies in 18 states, serving more than 24 million accounts and 43 million tags. Operations stretch from Maine to Florida, and west to Illinois.

Florida’s Orlando-area Central Florida Expressway Authority is already a member the E-ZPass Group and is interoperable with the E-ZPass system.

“This news is very exciting, as interoperability along the east coast has long been sought after by the traveling public,” said P.J. Wilkins, executive director of the E-ZPass Group. “Our industry will also be thrilled that we are another step closer to achieving national interoperability of electronic toll collection systems.”

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, operator of the SunPass system in use throughout Florida, is currently upgrading systems and processes to bring E-ZPass statewide, with completion expected later this year.

“We understand how confusing and frustrating it can be for our toll customers to have to keep track of the different tolling mechanisms across the nation,” said Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Kevin J. Thibault, P.E. “By enhancing Florida’s SunPass system and partnering with the E-ZPass Interagency Group, our combined customer base will effortlessly travel tollways in 18 states.”

Nicola Liquori, CEO of Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise concurs.

“Interoperability with E-ZPass has been a longstanding goal, and now it is a reality,” Liquori said. “By the end of the year, millions of E-ZPass customers will enjoy the benefits of the SunPass system on 764 miles of roadway from the Panhandle to the Keys. This effort aligns with our goals to improve mobility by promoting electronic tolling and, more importantly, to enhance customer service by increasing payment options.”

Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority also announced that it is joining the E-ZPass system, with interoperability expected in 2021.

“We are excited about our partners in Florida reaching this milestone in becoming interoperable with E-ZPass,” said Chris Tomlinson, executive director of Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority. “Connecting the dots between Georgia’s tolling system and the systems of the other states within E-ZPass is one of our highest priorities and we look forward to working with the E-ZPass Group to provide our Peach Pass customers with greater options for them to ‘keep moving’ in the near future.”

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