Reddaway offering one year truck driving apprenticeship program

Reddaway Line Haul Driver, Craig Tarsia, instructs trainee during on the road training.

TUALATIN, Ore. — Reddaway, a less-than-truckload service provider in the western United States and Canada, is offering the Reddaway Truck Driving Apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship is a one-year training program where interested individuals can earn a Class A license and driving experience while being paid a wage that includes benefits, according to Reddaway President Bob Stone.

After students successfully complete the apprenticeship, they have a job at Reddaway as a professional truck driver.

Stone said as the nation struggles with a severe truck driver shortage, trucking companies are trying different tactics to attract drivers. Some have driving schools, but Stone said Reddaway takes training to a higher level with this apprenticeship.

As Reddaway’s initial data confirms, successful completion of the training program leads to safer drivers (accidents for drivers with less than one year of experience are down 30%). Reddaway’s apprenticeship program is open to Class A holders with less than one year of experience or no experience and individuals interested in a career as a professional truck driver.

“Our driver training program is open to anyone looking for a career in trucking,” Stone said. “The goal is to produce safe, quality drivers and address the driver shortage. The program takes place in three sections over a one-year period. There are four weeks within a dedicated school environment. Then three weeks with a trainer in a live environment and follow-up through one year. Reddaway currently has just over 70 certified driver trainers. Apprentices are trained in Reddaway’s safety first culture.”

Stone said Reddaway expected to train over 180 drivers this year at the Reddaway Driving Academy.

“The initial four weeks of training are held at one of our four school locations: Los Angeles, California; Medford, Oregon; Portland, Oregon or Salt Lake City, Utah. This is so apprentices can focus solely on learning,” said Jared Smith, Reddaway senior director of human resources. “A designated area gives apprentices a safe open space to practice and enhance their skills. Remaining training occurs at Reddaway terminals throughout our network. During the initial four weeks of training, apprentices attend classes, practice their driving on the skills development course, and receive on-the-road training. Apprentices are paid and meals are provided during the four-week training. Instructors work one-on-one with apprentices to personalize a learning plan to ensure their success.”

Reddaway also received a grant of $40,000 from FASTPORT to support the apprenticeship program. FASTPORT is a veteran employment software company with a mission to connect veterans to career opportunities.

For more information visit or call 866-582-1320.

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