Truck driver protects co-workers from wrong way drunk driver

A dump truck driver risked his own life to save his co-workers from a drunk driver who was going the wrong way down the interstate.

William Honey says he heard a call come over his C-B radio that there was a police chase inside a construction zone on I-65 and Lafayette Road.

That's when he decided to use his dump truck as a barricade to protect the workers.

"When I saw he wasn't stopping at all, I just held on to the steering wheel as hard as I could and braced for impact," Honey said. "I don't consider myself a hero at all. I was just looking out for my friends and my co-workers. I'd just rather be a dump truck driver."

The drunk driver smashed into Honey's truck, but fortunately, no one was hurt.

Police say the driver was more than twice the legal limit, and he was arrested on multiple charges.

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